'Kim's Fairytale Wedding' Part 2 Recap: Still Not Feeling the Love

Kim Kardashian and Kris HumphriesFinally, I think it may be safe to say the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries is over. After months of planning, preparation, and anticipation of the wedding itself and then the special, with the conclusion of Part 2 of Kim's Fairytale Wedding tonight, we may actually be done with whole grand ordeal. Oh, it’s been fun, but I can’t say I’m not glad it’s all done.

Tonight we got to see more of the wedding details we wanted and less of Kris Jenner, thankfully. Though that scene of her and Bruce Jenner in the sex shop should have never been seen. But the peeks at the dress fittings, the tasting with Wolfgang Puck, and the unveiling of bridesmaids' gifts were great and just what we've been waiting for. I just wasn't expecting each and every aspect we saw to be so painful for them and depressing for us. It was like they had no fun planning their wedding at all and ended up hating each other in the process.


Sure there’s stress leading up to every wedding, and it was certainly exaggerated for television, but even after all of this, they don’t seem like a good match. They live in two separate worlds, and it’s really hard to imagine it working for the long haul. From the conflict with Kim’s family, to Kris Humphries’ discomfort with the paparazzi, to Kim and her mom’s ridiculously close and controlling bond, there are a lot of challenges they’re going to face along the way. Maybe that’s just editing to make us think that, but why on earth would they want us to think that? And where's the spark? I've seen no spark.

Oh in the end, they came together and reminded themselves why they love each other (and tried to convince us?), and the wedding was gorgeous -- seriously, insanely gorgeous. But I still wasn’t feeling it really. I didn’t even cry, and I always cry at weddings. And we just spent more than three and half hours looking at all of their problems and bickering and discontent, how are we exactly supposed to think they’re going to be together forever? A beautiful wedding doesn’t fix major problems in a relationship.

Also, I’m still waiting for Kris Humphries to win me over. Ever since he appeared on the scene, I’ve been waiting to be wowed by him ... or at least like him a little. And still, after all of this ... not so much. Though he does get points for shaving off that gawd-awful mustache in the final moments before the ceremony started.

Overall, the whole thing was kind of a letdown. Oh not the glitz and glamour or the dresses and other dreamy details -- that was all incredible -- but romantically, it wasn’t swoon-worthy. And I was really hoping to swoon; I was hoping to see Kim swoon. There was no swooning.

Maybe they’ll surprise us and live happily ever after. If so, good for them. If not, well, there’s surely a divorce special just waiting to be made.

What did you think of Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Affair? Do you feel the love between Kim and Kris?

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