Caroline Manzo Isn't Jealous of Teresa Giudice's Cookbook or Anything Else

Caroline ManzoTeresa Giudice is playing the card that all insecure, self-deluding people play when anyone utters an unkind word against them -- they're just jealous. In this case, she's talking about Caroline Manzo, her co-star on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, who she claims is jealous of her cookbook, Fabulicious!

As we saw last night on the season finale, in the book's introduction, Teresa states that Caroline is "as Italian as the Olive Garden." She also says that she's a "huge fan of Caroline Manzo, even if she is only one-sixteenth Italian, or whatever she is." Teresa claims they're jokes, but even if they are, they aren't funny after how vicious Teresa has been all season. Caroline isn't laughing. "When it served her purpose, she was my friend," Caroline said.

Teresa responded last night on her website and said Carolyn is just one big green-eyed monster. In a blog entry titled "Caroline? Really?" she wrote:


Why would she pretend to be upset about something so small and obviously a joke? To create bad feelings for me and my book? But why? Maybe because she was mad it's me that got a cookbook and not her?

Excuse me while I recover from choking on my meatball. First of all, if anyone feels anything for Teresa these days, it's sorry, not pangs of jealousy. Let's see, there's her oaf of a husband, the debt, and the fact that she's completely alienated her friends and family and made an ass of herself on television. Heck, who wouldn't be jealous of that or a little cookbook that draws attention to all of it?

I love the way Caroline has responded. She tweeted last night: "Dear @OliveGarden - need a national spokesperson? CALL ME.... ps.... I'm 100% Italian - TRUTH." Wouldn't that be the perfect in-your-face deal, if Caroline made big bucks as the spokesperson for Olive Garden while Teresa collected pennies for her little cookbook? Ha, make it happen Olive Garden!

Even if Caroline is overreacting a little bit because she's just had it with her, Teresa should be thanking her stars that she is. Because all of the free press Fabulicious! is getting from this little spat is pretty fabulous ... and if Caroline now came out with her own cookbook to compete with Teresa's, that might spark sales for both ... hmmm, don't be surprised if that's coming soon.

Do you think Teresa Giudice's comments about Caroline Manzo in her cookbook were mean and out of line? Do you think Caroline is jealous of Teresa?

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