'Breaking Bad' Season Finale: Walter White Does the Unthinkable

There's a lot to say about the season finale of Breaking Bad—but don't worry, I won't reveal any spoilers right away because I know some of you still haven't watched last night's episode. For those who wish to avoid anything that gives away what happened in last night's sphincter-gripping show, that's what these sentences are for. FILLER. So your eyeballs have a chance to see the HELLO THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD warning, and look elsewhere. Perhaps you would enjoy this video of a cat who also does not appreciate spoilers.

Okay, can we talk about Breaking Bad now? Because HOL. EEE. SHIT, you guys.


I'm not going to do a play-by-play of what all went down in the aptly-named "Face Off" finale, but let's review some of the top moments that unraveled over the course of an all too short hour:

Walt gives us a big hint. Sending his neighbor into his house to flush out the bad guys seemed like a smart move—but gosh, that was a little heartless of Walt, don't you think? Putting an innocent life in danger to further his own ends? YES INDEED, and this was just a taste of the shock to come.

Hector's revenge. This is one of those Breaking Bad twists I never could have predicted. I had a strong feeling Walt would kill Gus by the end of the season, but I couldn't imagine how it was going to play out. I thought—okay, I worried—that Jesse would lose his life in the process. But the backstory that told us of the poisonously bad blood between Gus and Hector, and the move by Walt to use Hector as an ally? Man.

Hector's excruciating communication method. This. Was. Genius. In a show that had you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what would happen next, Hector's drawn-out process of sending a message one ... letter ... at ... a ... time was a brilliant tactic of ratcheting up the suspense one more painful notch. Also, in true Breaking Bad form, the scene at the DEA effortlessly switched from clenched-jaw anticipation to relieved humor. SUCK MY, indeed.

Gus's death. From the moment the camera focused on Gus's stone-cold killer face as he prepared to enter Casa Tranquila to the dripping scorn with which he addresses Hector ("What kind of man talks to the DEA? No man. No man at all.") to the scene when Hector's eyes rise to meet Gus's and his expression flashes to absolute fury—it all led up to a wildly satisfying end for Gustavo Fring, one of TV's most epic bad guys. For a brief moment, it almost seems as though he survived the blast, and then, even before we catch a glimpse of his horrific injuries, we see the shocked faces of the nurses approaching him. He straightens his tie—in control until his very last breath—and then we see his face. Or more precisely, what's left of it. It's as if we finally see Gus's true nature: half composed, tranquil man; half walking monster.

The final shot. Ohhhhhhh, that final shot. That amazing, mind-bending shot of the lily of the valley plant, which revealed how deeply and permanently Walt's character had changed. Now we know what Walt is truly capable of. Now we can only wonder what will transpire next season, and whether the true villain of this whole story was really killed—or if he's now known as Mr. White.

What did you think of this finale?

Image via AMC

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