Netflix Not Quite Dead But Now Full of 'Walking Dead' Zombies

walking dead zombiesNetflix Inc. continues to forge ahead with new streaming deals after the recent customer backlash over its price hike and consequent complaints about the fairly lame content it offers through its streaming service. In fact, they just scored rights to stream the Emmy-nominated, zombie lover's dream TV show The Walking Dead as part of its new licensing agreement with AMC Networks Inc. Add this to their streaming of the past seasons of AMC's Mad Men and Breaking Bad, two of the best shows ever ever made, and things are looking up for Netflix. Or are they?


I feel like the last person on the planet who's still enjoying my Netflix as if all that angry mob scene hubbub never happened. I took the price hike like a man, even keeping both the streaming and disc services. It just worked for us because we use the disc service constantly (I like to mainline cable TV series one after the other), and we use the streaming for kid shows (our kids aren't that picky), not new releases and stellar viewing content.

Of course, since I have such a crush on award-winning TV series like Mad Men and Breaking Bad, I'm hopeful that Netflix's cable TV library will continue to grow. Then I might actually use their streaming service for more than retro Speed Racer and Johnny Quest episodes.

The Walking Dead is supposed to be available sometime today, but so far, it wasn't listed when I did a search of their library. Hopefully soon.

Do you think zombies can save Netflix?


Image via AMC

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