Nancy Grace Really Lets It Rip on ‘DWTS’ Stage (VIDEO)

Oh, Nancy Grace. I can't say I'm her biggest fan—or a fan at all, really—but I am cringing for her after seeing footage of the October 3 Dancing With the Stars episode. Not because of her dancing talents (or lack thereof), but because of the embarrassing moment caught on camera after her performance.

Yes, another embarrassing moment. As if it wasn't bad enough that her nipple popped out and said howdy on live television a week ago, this week Grace was talking to Brooke Burke when she suddenly blasted out an enormous, explosive fart.

My god, it's enough to make me start watching this damn show, just to see what Grace will cut loose next week.


The rest of the contestants were sitting in the background, while Grace was standing with her dance partner, Tristan MacManus, being interviewed by Brooke. As you can see from this deeply amusing video, which I have watched at least four times now because I am 12 years old, right after Grace says "... and they were smiling so BIG"—something rather big erupts from somebody's rear end.

If you ask me, it's pretty obvious Grace is to blame for the trouser-tuba outburst, since she immediately put her hand on her belly and a praying-for-death look crept into her eyes. Meanwhile, her partner started doing something bizarre with his mouth that sure looks to me like a guy who's trying to stop himself from falling down laughing.

Naturally, Grace is denying that the air bagel was hers, and has in fact crop-dusted Tristan, saying, "If you listen very carefully to that clip, it has an Irish accent."

Um, even if that fart came out and said, "Faith and Begorrah," I'm pretty sure she's still to blame. Oh Nancy Grace, the pipes, the pipes are calling ...

In a final twist to GasGate, a rep for the fart fetish site—yes, I said FART FETISH SITE— has made an official offer to ABC, writing,

After viewing and hearing Nancy Grace's alleged "toot" after her performance on "Dancing With The Stars," [we] would like to acquire the rights of the three-second footage. We wish to acquire this for our members of our web site who are "Flatulophiliacs" or, simply put, "Fart Fanatics".

It's hard to say if Grace really couldn't hold back the brown thunder at that particular moment or if she's carrying out some bizarre master plan for keeping herself on the show through a series of attention-getting "accidents," but at any rate, I'm pretty sure whatever shreds of dignity she may have had before joining DWTS have passed away in the wind. Who knows, though ... maybe this will all help her chances in the competition. In the end, she just may squeak out a win.

What's your call after seeing the video—is Nancy Grace to blame for the on-camera air biscuit?


Image via ABC

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