Simon Cowell Gets Inspired By Snooki (God Help Us All)

I don't know about you, but I'm finding it a little hard to distinguish the various singing competition shows on television these days. American Idol, The Sing-Off, The Voice, X Factor ... they all sort of blend together in my mind, but Simon Cowell's recent comment has made one thing pretty clear: singing shows aren't really about singing talent at all.

What are singing competition shows really looking for? Well, according to Cowell, they're looking for Snooki.

Yes. Snooki.


I have to say, when I think of amazing performers, the first person who pops into my mind isn't Snooki, but Cowell says she's got exactly the sort of star power they're looking for. In fact, X Factor is looking to find contestants who can create the same sort of bizarre fist-pumping, TV-watching phenomenon as the cast members of Jersey Shore, which Cowell describes as "genius, absolute genius."

I ... really? I mean, I guess the show is genius in that it seems to have millions of viewers who enjoy watching people get drunk and make asses out of themselves, but it seems kind of depressing to know that's what he's looking for in X Factor. Never mind someone's singing ability, stage presence, or passion for music—let's see them get shitfaced and hook up in a hot tub!

Cowell went on to single out Snooki as his favorite Jersey Shore star, saying she embodies the sort of person he's looking for in the X Factor auditions:

She recently came in to meet some people from my company. I would say they were more starstruck by Snooki than anyone they've ever met in their lives. I mean, they were genuinely thrilled. They were taking pictures with her. Yeah, so that was the reason why I came to New Jersey: I wanted to find the next Snooki.

WHAT THE HELL. How bizarre is it that he's so inspired by the freaks on Jersey Shore? I know he's primarily looking for good television ratings above everything else, but talk about demotivating for the people who thought they were "following their dreams" by trying to get on the show. I'm thinking of every weepy, destroyed wannabe singer who's ever been cut from one of these shows, and how they're probably frantically applying spray tan right now for a second chance.

Excuse me for going all Andy Rooney on you for a minute, but I find it indescribably sad that a major television executive thinks Snooki represents the pinnacle of that indefinable star power that attracts viewers and fans. It really says a lot about where television entertainment is going, and how we've generally come to value shocking behavior above legitimate talent. Remember when stars used to be able to act, sing, AND dance? It seems nowadays all that's really required to be a celebrity is a complete lack of shame. *waves cane angrily*

What do you think about Cowell's comment? Do you think X Factor should be looking for the next Snooki?

Image via X Factor

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