Cher to Do for Chaz Bono What Any Good Mom Would Do

Cher Chaz Bono
Cher and Chaz
Yet again, Cher is making us believe. The perpetually youthful superstar is set to pay a visit to Dancing With the Stars next week, taking a seat in the audience in order to cheer on her son, Chaz Bono. (What will she wear?)

"God hope Chaz hangs on till next week so I can come sit in the Audience & Watch," Cher tweeted Monday, rallying her fans to vote for him. And now that Chaz has survived to dance another week (thanks, perhaps, to those very fans), Cher will make good on her promise to make a personal appearance and show her support. She confirmed her plans via Twitter, "Yeah CHAZ. Looks like I'll b in the Audience next Week Lovelies. thank u SO MUCH."


I have to hand it to Cher, she's really come around about Chaz. At first, she was reluctant to accept his transformation from man to woman -- from Chastity to Chaz, from daughter to son -- and the very public way he was doing it. Perhaps understandably, Cher had a hard time getting her mind around the pronoun switch, too.

"I said, you know, can't you just do it quietly? That wasn't her plan," she said of Chaz's gender change in the documentary Becoming Chaz, which premiered earlier this year. "If I don't recognize her, what will happen? ... I worry about the drugs she has to take in order to keep this."

But throughout Chaz's DWTS run, Cher has been right there cheering him on, regularly peppering her Twitter feed with all-cap expressions of love and support: "YEAH !!!! CHAZ !!!! YOU ACED IT AGAIN !!! I LOVE... MOM," she wrote after one of his recent turns on the dance floor.

Perhaps if she could turn back time, Cher would have been more supportive of Chaz's transformation from the start. (He has said he felt terribly uncomfortable as a woman, and that the day he had surgery was the best day of his life.) But at least now he knows his mom has his back. (She's got you, babe!)

What do you think of Chaz's performance on Dancing With the Stars? Have you been cheering him on as much as his famous mom has?


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