Latest Juicy 'Glee' Spoiler Is Bursting With Girl Power

Before I can even break into the newest Glee spoiler (it's a juicy one, I promise!), I think someone has to come out and say how utterly disappointing it is that there isn't going to be another new episode until NOVEMBER. Considering it's only October 5, I'm not exactly sure personally what to do with myself for three whole weeks without some new McKinley. I mean come ON, Ryan Murphy! We've only had three episodes so far in season 3, for Pete's sake!

OK, aggression gone -- back to the spoiler. Sure, the next episode, entitled "Pot O' Gold," may be a ways away. And I bet a few (read: all) of us saw this coming. But man oh man, is it a doozy. I'll give you one hint: Girl power's getting a hold of Brittany.



According to E! Online, Brittany and Santana are getting together ... again. Come the next installment, the two will be an "official couple." Brittana HOORAY! We don't know exactly how the relationship comes together, but I'm assuming that it has a whole lot to do with the latest surge of female empowerment we saw in last night's episode and how amazing Britt looks in a leather skirt with garters and with her hair down. It does make me a little sad wondering what this means for Artie and her relationship with him, but he's pretty busy with West Side Story, so I have a feeling he'll be alright.

Allegedly, Finn also gets in on this (not in a three-way sort of way, I promise) and calls out Santana for trying to hide her and Britt's relationship. I like this, a lot -- considering we really haven't had a chance to see too much of Finn's tush this season. And in my eyes, the more tush, the better.

Anyway, although I do like these two Cheerios together -- I have a feeling it won't last long. Brittany seems to have a bit of a short attention span. And even though she's a ditz at times, I really do think she knows deep down inside that she's not actually a lesbian and just loves Santana as her best friend.

What do you think of Brittana together?


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