Kristin Cavallari Can Blame Mark Ballas for Her 'DWTS' Mistake (VIDEO)

Kristin Cavallari DWTSIn the most shocking episode of Dancing With the Stars yet, reality star Kristin Cavallari was eliminated and sent packing for the hills. This unexpected news has fans of the show in a complete uproar. Am I really the only person not surprised by these results?

While Kristin is no stranger to reality TV, she doesn't know the ins and outs of DWTS quite like her partner, Mark Ballas. He's been competing on the show for years and obviously knows that there's a lot more than a hair whip that goes into taking home that mirror ball trophy. So why did he refrain from giving his partner the most important piece of advice that could have kept them in the running?


Kristin made a big mistake. Actually, a huge mistake. Even Jimmy Kimmel agreed when the samba-dancing-duo went on his show last night. She had all the right moves and a great attitude, but the fact that she got the least amount of votes is not surprising whatsoever.

Monday night's episode was a walk down memory lane for many of the competitors. Rob Kardashian told a story about losing his father, JR Martinez spoke about his devastating time in Iraq, David Arquette reflected on his marriage falling apart ... and then there was Kristin.

While most of the episode had viewers in tears, Kristin's choice severely lacked depth. Her most memorable year was 2005 because that's when she decided not to go to college so she could pursue a career as a reality star. The song she chose to represent that was "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce merely because it was a "popular song that year." Are you still wondering why I knew she was a goner?

Jimmy Kimmel joked:

Couldn't you have said ... you had a terrible earache one year?

Mark Ballas should have given Kristin a little heads up about this emotional episode. He should have known her story about moving to LA was no match for those of her castmates. Many of the other cast members connected emotionally with the audience and, in turn, it made Kristin look pretty shallow. While I'm sad to see her go, she definitely had a good run on the show. Better luck next time, right?

Do you think Kristin made a bad choice on Monday night's episode?


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