'Playboy Club' Cancellation Proves Eddie Cibrian Is No Don Draper

Breaking news from TV-land! Due to excessive sucking, The Playboy Club—a suck-ass show that has been described by most critics as "really sucktacular"—has been canceled. NBC dropped the show from its network schedule after only three sucky episodes, citing "extreme, profound suckage" as the reason for axing the show. Also, "nearly incomprehensible amounts of sucking" from its star, Eddie Cibrian.

Okay, so I may be paraphrasing a bit, but The Playboy Club really has been canceled—and if you take a look at some of the reviews the show earned over its short, embarrassing history, I think it's painfully clear why NBC pulled the plug.


While I can't say I had high expectations for The Playboy Club, even I'm a little surprised by how badly this show was panned. Here's just a sampling of the beating Playboy Club took in the press:

The cast is appealing enough, as one would expect, but the performances are mostly wooden, largely because the writing is so uninspired (...). Worse, the premiere episode is paced like one of those middle-of-the-night religious shows where old guys read Scripture to you. — SFGate

The real woes of Playboy Club lie within its status as a Mad Men also-ran. Casting Eddie Cibrian as the lead only muddies the water because every time you look at him and every time he utters a line, it's a second-rate Don Draper you see and hear. — Hollywood Reporter

For all of its eye candy and uncertain intent, The Playboy Club comes off as a splintered segment of a larger whole. Sadly, that segment is all style and no substance. After expecting there to be some sense of self-awareness, it soon becomes clear that The Playboy Club has no intention of being something deeper. — Screen Rant

There is, no doubt, a tantalizing drama to be made about the early years of the Playboy Club, about the women who worked there and the men who patronized it, about Playboy's influence on the sexual revolution and the often very fine line between sexual liberation and sexual exploitation. But NBC's The Playboy Club ain't it. — LA Times

It probably didn't help matters that The Playboy Club got called out by the Parents Television Council before it even aired. As it turned out, it was really more of a crime drama than a wildly hedonistic, sexually-explicit soft-porn show, but the PTC freak-out surely had the dual effect of 1) scaring some people away from the show, and 2) creating bitter disappointment in those who tuned in hoping for adult content.

At any rate, it started out with low ratings, and they only got worse over time, since last night's episode only pulled in 3.4 million viewers. NBC has wasted no time kicking it to the curb, and plans to eventually replace the empty Monday night slot with Brian Williams’ new primetime newsmagazine,
Rock Center With Brian Williams. In the meantime, the network is replaying episodes of the police drama Prime Suspect. Ouch, replaced with reruns—that's GOTTA hurt. Well, at least Eddie Cibrian has ... um ... Twitter to fall back on.

Are you surprised NBC canceled Playboy Club so quickly?

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