'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Brings Out the Prudes

Kyle Richards and Taylor ArmstrongWow, is it just me, or were The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills acting like a bunch of prudes tonight? Just when it looked like Brandi Glanville may be making some inroads with some of the ladies -- bonding with Camille Grammer and Taylor Armstrong over marriage counseling and divorce -- she drove them all away again with her potty mouth.

They were all sitting around at Adrienne Maloof's barbecue, talking about men, sipping wine, and getting loose when Camille offered up the phrase, "big hands, big feet, big disappointment." Then she went on to say, "I was married to that." Everyone giggled, and Kyle Richards even teased, "Is that a code word for something?"

Brandi in all her bluntness gave an answer that left Kyle's mouth hanging ...


"Cock," she said. And that one little word suddenly transformed her into a "super slut."

"I didn't think you were a slut, but I do now, now that you said that," Kyle told the cameras. Just because she said a word that is also used frequently to describe a male rooster? Wow, someone needs to lighten up.

Now, I probably wouldn't utter that word at a church social, but among grown female friends, drinking wine, I hardly think it's that shocking. And these are Real Housewives we're talking about, not nuns.

But oh the women were offended. Eyes were rolling so hard the screen was shaking. Taylor said she was hoping for Kyle's question to be answered with "a doodle doo," which is actually worse in my book than the aforementioned word.

New Housewife Dana Wilkey, who made her debut tonight with two boobs, a tiara, and her $25,000 sunglasses, came to her defense.

"People eye roll at me too," she consoled Brandi. "It’s okay, you just live your life, man."

But when Brandi started talking about Dana's man -- joking that while he's traveling all the time, he probably has women all over the country -- Dana was done with her. She got visibly upset. "Shame on you," she told Brandi before launching into all the things her fiance really is doing, like visiting his mother who is sick with cancer.

Defensive much, Dana? It was a joke.

Seriously, the Housewives acted like a bunch of uptight, old ladies tonight ... or a group that is out to find any and every fault with the pretty new girl and pounce when they can. Brandi seems like a hell of a lot of fun to me, and if they'd just loosen up a bit, she might show them a good time. One thing is for sure, Brandi doesn't really seem to care what they think and told them so bluntly, "For you guys anyway I’m a little obnoxious, but take it or leave it."

Did you think Brandi Glanville went too far tonight? What did you think of Dana Wilkey?

Image via Bravo

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