Amazing ‘Arrested Development’ News Brings Bluths Back to Life!

arrested developmentI don't know how I want to celebrate the great news that Arrested Development will not only be made into a movie, but we'll also get nine or ten new TV episodes, too! Should I do the chicken dance? Cluck, cla cluck, cla cluck! Or buy a $3,000 suit? Come on! Maybe I'll just eat a frozen banana instead and look for my dad. Steve Holt!

So many Arrested Development memories, so little time. I know I'm not the only AD fan out there who's not sure how to take all this good news at once. We've been waiting years for this, and now that show-creator Michael Hurwitz and star Jason Bateman announced this weekend that not only is the movie going to happen, but a fourth TV season as well, it's like a dream come true. Here are the details.


At the New Yorker Festival this Sunday, Hurwitz said that while he was 80 percent through the AD movie screenplay, he realized they'd need a TV series to catch viewers up on what the characters have been doing in the five years we haven't seen them. Score! Thank goodness he realized that he couldn't cram all their back stories into the movie. Movie would've suffered for it, hence the new limited-run TV season.

Shooting is scheduled to begin summer of 2012, with the release of the show in early 2013. The movie's gonna come out after the shows are over, probably around early summer 2013.

I believe the last episode saw Michael and George Michael arrive in Cabo with Michael's father -- I can't wait to see how that is resolved. Also: Didn't Buster go overboard off the boat and come face to face with that seal? I hope he's still alive, he was always one of my favorites. Hey, brother!

Whatever Hurwitz and the writers come up with, it better be good. I'm putting a lot of pressure on them because if they mess this up, it will be just too sad to bear. They've already got a fan-base who can't wait for it all to come out, but I don't know if my college roommates and I will see the movie enough in theaters to let them recoup their budget. I would hate for them to make a huge, tiny mistake.

Are you excited about the Arrested Development news?


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