Kandi Burruss Is First of 'Real Housewives' to Deserve Her Own Show

Kandi BurrussScore two for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Last week Bravo announced that Kim Zolciak has been granted her own Bravo TV series. Next on the Bravo fairy's list -- Kandi Burruss.

Bravo announced today that Burruss will star in a new special titled "The Kandi Factory." In it, Burruss will use her musical talents to help transform "two music hopefuls into the next big pop star.” It sounds kind of like a mini American Idol, but it could be interesting. I mean if she was able to get people to listen to and buy Kim Zolciak's "Tardy for the Party," she certainly has some sort of gift.


And that's the thing -- out of all of the Housewives who have released songs (and I use that word lightly), Kandi is the only one who actually has real, true talent. She's been in the music biz for years and was a member of the platinum-selling group Xscape. In other words, she's the real deal, not someone who got a deal because she was a Real Housewife. She's even won a Grammy. So in many respects she's the first one who actually deserves a show.

Bethenny Frankel was the first to get one, and it is enjoyable, but just because she's a funny, likable gal. Kim Zolciak got her own show because she's a big trainwreck waiting to happen that no one wants to look away from = ratings. But Burruss is getting a show based on her talents, in the field she's worked long and hard to build a name for herself in. Good for her.

Whether it will be well received or not is another question. We have seen a plethora of shows designed to help music hopefuls propel their careers, and we're pretty well saturated. Also, though she's likable, Kandi may not be outrageous or controversial enough to draw in viewers on her personality alone. I'm sure her real fans will watch, but I have my doubts that her special will be able to compete with Kim Zolciak's show. Sad, but true: We'd rather watch a trainwreck than talent if we're tuning in to Bravo. Given the fact that she only got a "special" and Kim Zolciak gets a series tells me Bravo senses the same thing.

Also, a note to the Real Housewives of the rest of the cities: That's Atlanta 2, New York 1, and the rest of your cities zilch. Who's up next? Game on.

Will you watch the Kandi Burruss special? Which Real Housewife would you most like to see get her own show?


Image via Bravo

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