Nancy Grace Made 'DWTS' More Controversial Than Chaz Bono

"ABC's DWTS used to be a fun, safe show to watch with children. Are they trying to force people to have to explain to their kids?" This is what one commenter recently posted on an ABC website, and I can only assume they're talking about Nancy Grace's wardrobe malfunction that seemingly revealed her breast on live television. After all, no one likes having to explain to their children why that lady on TV is flashing one of her boobs, right? It wasn't exactly a family-friendly moment, so surely the outrage is directed at Grace and her—

Oh wait, it turns out that comment—and hundreds more just like it—is about Chaz Bono. Not for revealing any body parts, just for being on Dancing With the Stars in the first place.

Let me see if I've got this figured out. Nancy Grace's exposed nipple = no big deal. Chaz Bono's entire presence = destroys family values. Is that about right?


What kind of bizarro-world is this where Chaz Bono continues to get flack for the fact that he's on the show and he's—gasp—transgendered, but there's zero controversy over Nancy Grace's nip slip on TV the other day? I'm not saying that I give a damn about Grace's "twin" making an appearance (except for the fact that she likes to refer to her breasts as "twins" or "girls," because give me a break, lady, you're 51 years old), I'm saying it's kind of hilarious there has been all this controversy over Chaz Bono and it turns out it's Nancy freaking Grace who has provided the world with its first DTWS Mature Audience moment.

I mean, no matter how many explanations she gives for what television viewers saw on Monday night, I'm pretty sure you can't deny her actual nipple came out and said howdy. I'm just saying, this is not a "Breast Petal."

While Nancy Grace apparently gets a free pass for pressing her giant breasts into the innocent eyes of DWTS-watching children nationwide, Fox News anchors had a good old time making fun of Bono's knee injury, calling it “the one part of his body that hasn’t been operated on.”

Hilarious! Get it, it's funny because he's transgendered. Har har har.

Even funnier, in retrospect, is a senior DWTS producer's comment about why they don't allow same-sex dancing:

This is not a social dancing show, it's a dancing competition. A man should dance with a woman, no matter what your sexual orientation, in ballroom. If I'd put Chaz with Mark (Ballas), for example, it would have looked like I was trying to make controversy.

If you ask me, DWTS, it looks like you're trying to make controversy by using some sort of industrial device to cram Nancy Grace into a cleavage-tastic outfit—but I'm sorry to report that your plan has failed. People don't care about Grace bursting out of her clothes during primetime; they care about what's hidden under Bono's pants. After all, just because you can't see it doesn't mean it can't damage your conservative family values.

Do you think it's hypocritical that Bono caused controversy, but Grace didn't?

Image via ABC

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