The Obamas Prove 'Real Housewives' Rule the World

Michelle ObamaBlast and berate them for their superficial ways and pimping their families on national television if you will, but the Real Housewives have clout. Pshaw and roll your eyes all you want, but one of the ladies was seen this week hobnobbing with none other than the leader of the free world. That's right, Barack Obama has been hanging with one of the ladies from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

According to TMZ, Kyle Richards attended a fundraiser for the President Monday night at the House of Blues in Hollywood. There's even a picture of them looking all chummy next to one another.


Okay, he actually didn't quite know who she was (or so he claimed) and had to ask which show she was on. Andy Cohen recounted their conversation:

"I’m embarrassed to tell you, but Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Richards told the President.

“I don’t watch that but my wife does,” the President responded.

Uh huh, that's what all the husbands say. Then, when it's on, they pretend to be doing something else, while they're completely glued to the screen. Whether he actually watches or not, having the First Lady as a fan is some pretty serious cred for the show. Cohen later Tweeted: "Can't believe our First Lady watches RHBH!" with the hashtag #FirstLadiesAreJustLikeUS

I feel so vindicated in my Real Housewives love. If the Harvard-educated First Lady likes it, there can be no shame in viewing. Not that I have much anyway, but it's funny how many people are embarrassed to admit they watch the series. Once they've found a fellow fan, however, they unleash with passionate opinions and questions galore they've been dying to share with someone. The pull of the Housewives knows no educational, racial, or economic boundaries, and knowing Michelle Obama is watching along with us is just almost too good to be real.

It is a little surprising, however, that ANY of the Housewives are even allowed within 50 feet of the President, given the whole Tereq and Michaele Salahi White House gate crashing event. But it's nice to see the President doesn't hold it against all Housewives. And if Obama was going to hang out with any of the cast members, then Kyle is as good as they get. I think of all of the cities, she's probably the most sane. Sanity in the land of Real Housewives is relative of course, but she seems pretty down-to-earth and void of most psychotic tendencies ... for now. 

Still, seeing the leader of the free world chatting it up with any Real Housewife is a bit surreal. George Washington is surely rolling over in his grave ... but perhaps only to get a better view of a TV tuned in to Bravo. Because let's face it, whether you admit it or not, The Real Housewives make for good entertainment, no matter what your day job.

Are you surprised to learn that Michelle Obama watches Real Housewives? Are you embarrassed to admit you do?

Image via gademocrats/Flickr

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