Ryan Gosling Doesn't Need Advice About Being 'Cool' (VIDEO)

Ryan GoslingIn my eyes, Ryan Gosling can do no wrong. Especially after seeing him on The Tonight Show last night. I mean, we're taking about a man who selflessly breaks up street fights and has no problem eating lunch alone, all the while being shirtless and soaking wet. Okay, wait. That last part was my imagination. Excuse me.

What I'm trying to say is, he has no more room for improvement. He's perfection. No change necessary. We already love him down to the very last abdominal. Which is why I got pretty confused when I heard the crazy, stupid advice that Ryan's agent gave to him.


Apparently, he's trying too hard to be cool and needs to tone it down. Psh! That's just natural coolness that oozes out of his body. He can't control it.

Gosling gave the details on how the conversation went down:

She told me this last night, I'm trying too hard on talk shows. She said, "You're trying too hard to be cool." ... I said, "I'm going on Jay Leno tomorrow, what should I do?" She said, "I don't know, just don't talk. Sit there and don't talk." And I was like, "It's a talk show, how do you not ..." And then she said, "Do something weird like sit behind his desk and get him to sit in a chair."

Now that's a head scratcher. What kind of agent tells an A-list actor not to talk on a talk show? And to sit behind the desk, now that's not trying too hard? Ryan redeemed his coolness (not like it was ever taken away) by making the entire crowd laugh while explaining the story to Jay Leno.

WATCH Ryan Gosling on The Tonight Show:

And might I add, he looked pretty damn cool in his suit, which he admitted to wearing for the second time. And we fall in love all over again ...

What do you think of this ridiculous advice?


Image via gdcgraphics/Flickr

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