'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Brandi Glanville Gets Off on the Wrong Shoe

Brandi Glanville and Taylor ArmstrongTonight Brandi Glanville made her debut on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and what a debut it was. She wasn't in the room for more than two minutes before the claws came out, and the ladies started tearing her apart. The scene was cattier than a junior high full of cats.

Of course, when she entered the room during the charity event Kyle Richards was hosting, it was hard not to notice her. First of all, Brandi is a tall girl, and she towered over the rest of the ladies, who all have at least 10 years on her (strike one). There was also the fact that she's friendly with Cedric Martinez, the dude who screwed over Lisa Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd (BIG strike two). But it was her choice of footwear that set them off the most.


While she hobbled around on crutches and a cast on one foot (which she broke while wearing high heels), the other was adorned with ... a high-heeled shoe. Gasp! The ladies crucified her for it (behind her back mostly, but loudly enough for her to hear), but, as ridiculous as it was, you know they would all do the same damn thing. And it was a wedge, not a stiletto, as Kyle kept insisting. Meow.

Brandi took it all in stride and held her own pretty well against Lisa, explaining that she and Cedric had never really discussed her. As she watched the ladies fall all over themselves obviously making fun of her, she showed some pretty strong self-awareness (and restraint from whacking them with her crutches) and told the cameras: "You get what you give in life, and you give off bitchiness, you’re getting it back. I'm pretty good at being a bitch."

We're counting on that.

Meanwhile, Lisa, who previously couldn't even stand to breathe the same air as Taylor Armstrong, was suddenly all concerned for her well being. While she made it very clear that they aren't friends, she does want Taylor to start eating and can't seem to let it go. She repeatedly cornered her and a little too aggressively offered concern and help.

Nice-ish I guess, but was it because she was feeling guilty that she leaked Taylor's marriage problems to the press? Lisa did talk a lot about Taylor's weight loss and her not eating, and she does seem pretty focused on that. I don't think Taylor's suspicions that Lisa is the mole are off-base much. If Taylor is smart, she'll befriend Brandi in a hurry. She's going to need someone on her side if she does go up against Lisa and confront her about the leak ... and Brandi has crutches.

It's good to see some new and younger blood on the show, and I think Brandi is going to spice the rest of the season up for sure. Adrienne Maloof's husband, Paul, gave the best assessment of what we're likely going to see coming: "In Beverly Hills, younger and prettier women are often met with jealousy and hostility." Can't wait.

Do you think Brandi Glanville will be a good addition to the show? Do you think Lisa Vanderpump is the one who leaked information about Taylor and Russell Armstrong's marriage to the press?

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