Is 'Pan Am' a Cure For 'Mad Men' Withdrawal?

pan amLast spring I finished a week-long marathon viewing of every season of Mad Men, only to learn that Season 5 wasn't going to begin until 2012. Imagine my despair. I was immersed in the 50's and 60's world of cigarettes, sex, and secretaries only to have my Don Draper fantasies brought to a screeching halt by battling television executives and the show's creator Max Weiner. I had no where to turn. Vampires weren't going to do it and neither was reality TV. I needed a fix. And then somehow I came upon this trailer for Pan Am: 


The universe was on my side. I was immediately hooked. I loved the nostalgic feel -- the music, the clothes, the cosmopolitan cities, the hint at espionage and sexy spies ... those retro Pan Am travel bags. I had big plans for Pan Am. It was going to be my Mad Men substitute. And now finally, tonight Pan Am will premiere on ABC at 10 pm EST.

The problem is, the show no longer looks as promising. Reviewers are saying it's light and sunny -- a high-flying Sex in the City (good news for you Carrie Bradshaw fans). While it's being touted as much better than The Playboy Club (which didn't interest me in the least) it's not the thoughtful drama that is Mad Men. Sigh. But in truth I guess I never expected anything to be quite as good. Still, I'll be tuning in to Pan Am tonight. I have to see for myself  if Pan Am going to be my new favorite show or just a big 'ole disappointment. How about you?

Are you a fan of Mad Men? Do you think Pan Am will be similar?


Image via ABC



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