'Bachelor Pad' Holly & Blake Go All Out for Own Show (VIDEO)

Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi took a lot of heat during the second season of Bachelor Pad for being “fame whores,” but in the end, it was Holly Durst and Blake Julian who were the worst. And while Kasey and Vienna certainly want a reality show, it's Holly and Blake who are openly gunning for one.

Case in point: a YouTube video the two just posted of their cross-country drive to South Carolina. The recently engaged couple moved in together to live near Julian’s new dental practice, but my guess is that they want more than that.

They even have a “production company” they call Blally Productions. Good for them. But let’s not pretend they will last. See below:


Don’t they know the first rule of love and marriage? Don’t go on a reality show! Look at Kate and Jon Gosselin or Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson.

If these two actually end up getting their own show (totally my speculation), then I am taking an over under bet on how long they last.

Two years, max! Still, who could really blame them? If I had the chance for a lot of money and a free, top-of-the-line wedding (since ABC will obviously foot the bill if they want it), I would take it in a second.

But they will pay for their decision with their love. Mark my words. Divorce and breakups are on the horizon.

Do you think they will last?


Image via YouTube

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