Scary Ramona Singer Had Jill Zarin Fired From 'RHONY'

ramona singerThere is no doubt in my mind that Ramona Singer runs the world. If she told me jump, I'd say, "How high!" If she told me to drink, I'd say, "Really? At this hour? Well I guess I'm not surprised you're looking for a pinot grigio drinking buddy at 11 a.m., so let me grab a gla ... oh! You have one already poured for me. Thanks! Bottoms up." She's just that powerful, you know?

And not in a smart way. In a crazy way. She's extremely dim (maybe because she's always buzzed?), but you know she's connected and would stab you in the back faster than a sober Brutus. So clearly, you wanna make sure she's happy, and she likes you, lest you feel the wrath of the most Ramotional woman in New York.

Apparently, Jill Zarin didn't know this. Sources say that Jill pissed off Ramona so much that Ramona had her kicked off the show. Drama!


According to Us Weekly, Ramona went to Bravo execs with a list of her friends she'd like to be on the show, and Bravo went with them, leaving no spot for Jill (or Kelly or Cindy or Alex). So basically, Ramona ran her cast mates off the show.

I buy it. I bet all Ms. Singer had to do was go into Andy Cohen's office and flash her crazy eyes. If he wasn't able to look away fast enough, you know he had to succumb to her every wish and demand just to preserve his own soul. Because she can steal souls with her stare if you don't give her what she wants, but that probably went without saying.

Jill seemed mildly cool with being kicked off the show, but if Ramona did indeed have anything to do with it, you know Jill's going to fire back. It'll be like that barbaric reunion show all over again, when the ladies evidently wrote their own pink slips with their disturbing behavior and cringe-worthy cat fights. Jill's going to call up Us Weekly in 3, 2, 1 to tell her side of the "story." But bottom line? She's gone from the show and Ramona isn't. The end.

Now. If only we could get some confirmation on the alleged new cast members, I'd be happy. In the meantime: Sayonara, Jilly! Don't hurt me Ramona!

Do you think that Ramona had anything to do with Jill getting the boot?


Photo via vivanista1/Flickr

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