'Glee' Could Use a Dose of Anne Hathaway’s Charm

anne hathawayAs season 3 of Glee kicks off tonight, we Gleeks have a million and one questions about what the next school year -- our New Directions' SENIOR year, sniff! -- will bring. Knowing GOOP-y Gwynnie probably won't reprise her Emmy award-winning role as Holly Holliday, we're left to wonder who the new guest star talent on the show will be. Well, there's at least one A-lister waiting in the wings: Anne Hathaway! Ahh!

I kind of heart the former Princess of Genovia-turned-Runway assistant Andrea Sachs. Maybe it has something to do with how I once saw her in a New York restaurant and thought she seemed really down-to-earth. Or how whenever I see her interviewed or appearing on The Rachel Zoe Project, she seems cool. And I can't think of a time when she said something totally condescending or presumptuous, so that alone makes her a million times cooler than Gwynnie.


Plus, she's proven that in addition to her acting chops, she can sing and dance! Thus, she totally deserves to be Glee's next big guest star!

Right now, creator Ryan Murphy seems to still be simply entertaining the idea. But he's been doing just that since the Golden Globes at the beginning of this year! Anne had made a play to portray Kurt's lesbian aunt, and Murphy apparently green-lit the concept, but then no one heard anything else about it. Sounded like one of those AMAZEBALLS ideas fans are so psyched about, but then somehow, it ends up getting lost on producers' back burner. However, Murphy's most recent statement is giving us Anne fans a bit more hope. He said:

I'm meeting with Anne in the next couple weeks. We're not going to do guest stars at all the first half of the season, but I would love to work with her and she supposedly has the whole thing mapped out. I'm curious as to what she wants to do. I love her. I think she's great.

Dude, Ryan, GET ON IT! The woman actually has it "all mapped out"?! How awesome is that? If she's practically doing all the work for him, how can he resist saving time and getting a lovable, triple-threat guest star with a built-in fan following to boot? Plus, the whole idea of a "lesbian aunt" is fab. As Perez Hilton pointed out, Kurt deserves a gay adult role model to look up to, someone who can really show him that "it gets better!" And if Murphy brings Anne on, I have a feeling the already fantastic show can only get better, too!

Would you be psyched to see Anne Hathaway guest star on Glee?


Image via Jemal Countess/Getty

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