Michaele Salahi Offered Disgusting Endorsement Deal

michaele salahiMichaele Salahi, the White House crashing, lentil soup hating, fake Redskin cheerleading, real housewife of DC is one ballsy lady. I sort of remember her preaching about being positive during the Housewives reunion, so it's kind of ironic that she's run off on her, granted, terrible husband Tareq. She booked it to Tennessee amidst the kidnapping rumors to be with her boyfriend, Journey guitarist Neal Schon. Back in the limelight now, Michaele's not letting go of it that easily. She's trying to capitalize on her infamy like only a Salahi can.

Michaele's been approached by MarriedWivesClub.com to be a contributor -- the site wants her to offer advice to wannabe cheating and unfaithful wives on how to navigate their sticky situations.

But wait. There's more.


Not only is MarriedWivesClub.com looking to hire Michaele (classy!), she's got something else up her slimy sleeve, too. Rumor has it that she and Neal are shopping a reality show (double classy), and get this ... that Tareq would be involved if enough money was thrown his way (triple classy).

Apparently, Michaele is hoping Neal will guide her in her ... wait for it ... singing career ... as well as new reality TV ventures.

As a Housewives fan and a Virginian, I'm insulted. These people, you know? I hope Michaele and Neal move to Beverly Hills and become best friends with Heidi and Spencer and live out their days getting paid $500 to "host" a party at some C-list Vegas night club. I think that's the rudest thing I've ever wished on a person -- could you imagine anything worse than that? -- but I'm not going to apologize. Thing is she'd be happy with that I think, she wouldn't realize it was hell. Maybe if Carrot Top showed up with Andrew Dice Clay, she'd get the picture.

But first things first, let's wait and see if Michaele takes the gig at MarriedWivesClub.com. I bet she does. I mean, nothing is beneath her right? Once you've been questioned on C-SPAN about crashing a State Dinner, I think all shame and humility go out the window. And as for this reality show she wants to be in with her boyfriend and her ex-husband? She may want to ask Spiedi about how lucrative it is to be America's most-hated couple. Because right now, they're living at home in Spencer's parents' basement.

What do you think?


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