'Playboy Club' Banned by PTC for All the Wrong Reasons

According to the Parents Television Council, not only should you not be planning to watch The Playboy Club during its premiere tonight, you should be campaigning to have it taken off the air. The PTC says the fact that the show's stories take place in an "exploitative, sexist setting" demonstrates that NBC is "eager to push a pornography-based show into every home in America."

According to the executive producer of The Playboy Club, however, you should be watching it because it's "all about empowering, and who these women can be, and how they can use their position to get what they want."

According to me, it looks like a pile of steaming dog feces, and instead of watching it in the name of feminism or skipping it because of its poor morals, you should go watch a Mad Men rerun instead. Since that's what it's trying so desperately to be.


The Playboy Club stars Eddie Cibrian, who an NPR critic hilariously describes as "a watered-down Don Draper, not in the 'vaguely inspired by' sense, but in the sense that (...) he sounds like he's hosting Saturday Night Live and he's in the Mad Men sketch."

Cibrian, for his part, says that comparing The Playboy Club to Mad Men isn't fair:

What else are you going to compare it to really? That's the only other show on TV that's based in this (1960s) era right now on television. But they're very unique shows. "Mad Men" is a subtle and nuanced show, and we're doing a big network show that's going to be a lot more glitz and glamour and sexiness and visually appealing.

In other words, Mad Men is good, and Cibrian's show is going to suck balls. You heard it here first, folks.

The Playboy Club is set in Chicago in the early 1960s, and features a large ensemble cast that seems to rotate mostly around Draper-wannabe Nick Dalton (Cibrian), who's a lawyer with mob ties in his past. Nick is hooked up with one of the Bunnies, but forms a bond with another Bunny when he helps her dispose of a body after she accidentally kills a major mob boss, and ... I can't even go on with this. Basically, it's a cheesy-looking murder mystery soap opera that takes itself too seriously, as evidenced by the Hefner-esque voiceover: "The world was changing, and we were the ones changing it -- one bunny at a time."

As if that line wasn't enough to turn me off, there's this trailer:

As one eloquent YouTube commenter wrote, "This f**king turkey couldn't shine Don Draper's shoes."

What do you think of The Playboy Club? Are you willing to give it a chance tonight?

Image via NBC

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