Thank God ‘Friday Night Lights’ Finally Got Some Emmys (VIDEO)

kyle chandler emmy awardThe Emmys were last night, but I was too busy sitting on I-95 to watch. But when I checked the list of Emmy winners this morning, my eyes welled up a little bit. Friday Night Lights, hands-down the best TV show ever, finally got some attention. Head writer Jason Katims won for the award for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series and the inimitable Kyle Chandler won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. We did it, fellow FNL fans, we did it.

Not that we needed the Academy's vindication, but the fact that Friday Night Lights was able to pull out two wins was huge. Connie Britton of course was robbed, and the show itself deserved to win Best Drama Series ... hell. If it were up to me every person who's ever lifted a finger for that show deserves an award (including us who lifted the remote for five years), but beggars can't be choosers.


We'll take our two Emmys and hold our breath for the 2013 Oscars, where hopefully the forthcoming Friday Night Lights movie starring Kyle and Connie will sweep every category. I'd say the chances of that happening are strong to very strong.

Know why? I don't care how much everyone loves Mad Men, Friday Night Lights had the heart, the cast, and the writers to make each hour-long episode so engrossing that you'd stay awake at night worrying about the lives of these fictional people. How will Coach and Tami ever get through this?? Will Riggins really move to Alaska?? -- those types of ideological mysteries would run through my head as I lie in bed wearing my Dillon Panthers t-shirt (it was before Coach moved, OK?).

Kyle Chandler was so convincing as Coach Taylor that there was no doubt in my mind that Coach was a real person living near Austin, Texas. No doubt in my mind. Which is why, I suppose, he was awarded one of the top honors last night. And when he gave his acceptance speech, was anyone else expecting him to walk up on stage in cargo shorts, a red jacket, ball cap, cellphone attached to his belt, and rocking sunglasses held on with a lanyard? Me too! And I thought for sure he'd thank his team, his daughters Gracie Bell and Julie, his wife Tami ... and then wrap up the whole thing with "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose."

It's a testament to Kyle's skill -- he is Coach. I'm so happy for him and us FNL fans who know he deserved this. And if anyone out there knows of an "FNL Is Over, Now What Do I Do?" support group, I'm interested in learning more.

WATCH Kyle Chandler accept his Emmy (notice that he was sitting next to Connie, and that Minka Kelly, Lyla Garrity from FNL's earlier seasons, hands him his award):

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