'Justified' Star Deserved Emmy for Best Female TV Character Ever

Margo Martindale, the woman who—in my opinion—is primarily responsible for solidifying Justified's reputation as a damn fine show during its second season, brought as much charm to the Emmys stage last night as she did to her TV character Mags Bennett. "Sometimes things just take time. But with time comes appreciation," she told the audience.

I LOVE IT. And I love that she was honored with the outstanding supporting actress in a drama series award, because nobody deserved it more.


Mags Bennett was one of the best characters I've seen on any series, and while I like to claim I watch Justified for my hot boyfriend Timothy Olyphant, it was really Martindale who made the season shine last year. As the brutal female mastermind in the rough male-dominated Harlan County, Mags Bennett was brilliant because she was the complicated villain you loved to hate—and sometimes you just plain loved her, despite her wicked ways.

Whether she was bashing some sense into her son with a hammer, tenderly dressing a little girl for a party, or negotiating over a glass of poisoned moonshine. Mags was always a joy to watch, even when she was making you cringe.

In a recent interview, Martindale talked about what it was like to play the character, and why she believes people connected with Mags:

Mags Bennett didn’t put on any airs. Mags Bennett didn’t care that she was fat. I care that I’m fat, but I could let that part of it go. I didn’t wear [any] makeup except for the spots on my face. My hair had to be the worst it’s ever been; I just made it as bad as it could be. There was great freedom in that. That honesty was something that people really connected with. And the fury, rage, horror, and power.

She also commented on what it was like to win her first Emmy at 60:

I’ve been doing it a long time. The great thing about time is you can really appreciate it so much more. I could not have appreciated anything like this had I been 30 -- at 60 it feels ... I’m deeply grateful to be recognized. It’s an honor. It’s just been a joyous year and a joyous ride.

Martindale has said that she hopes her role on Justified opens the door for older actresses, and I hope so too. Really, I would just like to see more kickass characters like Mags in a TV world that's being increasingly overrun with reality shows and singing competitions. Give me an awesome hillbilly pot-dealing Mafia queen any day over yet another Real Housewife of Wherever.

Have you seen Margo Martindale on Justified? Were you glad she nabbed an Emmy last night?

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