'Glee' Premiere Spoilers: What to Expect in the First Show

glee season 3It's finally time for school and Glee Club to start at McKinley High, and after a whole summer of wondering WHAT'S going to happen with our favorite high schoolers -- the jig is up and the time is here. Glee returns in FOUR DAYS this coming Tuesday, September 20 for another season filled with Finchel loving and amazing power ballads. I can hardly contain my excitement!

And sure, while the episode may only be a few short days away, I just couldn't help sneaking a peek at what's to come. Take a look-see at 6 things to look forward to in the Glee season 3 premiere!



1. BLAINE IS COMING TO MCKINLEY! Okay, sorry for the caps there. I just can't help myself. For weeks and weeks now, we've heard the rumors of Klaine being reunited under one school roof. And we can now confirm that it's actually happening. You can also expect a fantastic solo from Darren Criss in this week's episode, swoon!

2. Rachel and Kurt have graduation woes: We'll see Rachel and Kurt both struggling, trying to figure out what to do after college. Apparently, not every performing arts college is immediately accepting them with open arms. If you ask me, a school would have to be tone deaf not to accept Rachel Berry.

3. There will be four musical numbers: Sigh. Remember the good ol' days when there were like seven songs an episode? I miss those. Nevertheless, it's been a long summer, and we do have a lot to catch up on. In the premiere episode, expect an exciting performance of The Go-Gos' hit "We Got the Beat," as featured in the trailers. Yesss!

4. We're meeting Mercedes' new boo! I couldn't be more excited for this. Just looking and Lamarcus Tinker makes me want to squish his little cheeks. Rumor has it there'll be some talk about making cocoa babies. Jeez, take things slow, you two!

5. Lindsay Pearce will make her Glee debut: Pearce, runner-up from The Glee Project, will be making her first appearance. I wonder what she'll be doing?! Maybe an acquaintance in detention for Quinn? Quinn, played by Dianna Agron, is supposedly smoking cigarettes and has this new pink hairdo, so it makes sense that she'll be spending some quality time staying after school.

6. See ya later, Santana: Don't fret, she's not disappearing Ashley Fink style. We already know Santana will be co-captain of the Cheerios, but Santana is also getting the boot from the New Directions. Not to worry -- Ryan Murphy reassured reporters that our fave lesbian will be back.

Are you looking forward to the Glee season 3 premiere this week?


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