Cher Defends Transgender Son Chaz Bono on 'Ellen'

Chaz Bono Hearing CherCher hasn’t always been the model mom. She herself admitted she handled it badly when her daughter Chastity Bono came out to her as a lesbian. More recently, when Chastity made the momentous discovery that she was transgender and began her transition into a man named Chaz Bono, Cher again had a tough time, famously getting the pronouns mixed up in a Vanity Fair interview.

But as Chaz himself has said, it’s tough for any parent. The important part is that when push comes to shove, Cher is there for Chaz, and will defend him against the nasty bullies calling for a boycott of Dancing With the Stars because of his involvement with the show.

She called into Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show while Chaz was on to express her support.


That’s why she’s my model mom of the day. Imperfect? Yes. Which is why she’s such an inspiration.

“My child is a wonderful child,” she says, expressing a true mom's sentiment and bypassing the pronouns that have gotten her in trouble. There are people, she says, who’ll hold their hands up and say no, but “there are more who’ll hear Chaz talk and say, ‘Oh, what a lovely person.’” To the people who demand a boycott of the TV show her son will appear on, she said, “I have no words to soothe you into not being terrified if my child dances on Dancing With the *** Stars!”

I love the look on Chaz’s face when Cher gets all four-lettery in his defense. It’s a mixture of, “There goes my crazy mom again!” and “Man, it’s great to have a mom that loves me so fiercely!” Is there any better feeling than your mom saying she loves you, and anyone who doesn’t agree can $@#*%O@?!

Of course this isn't the first or the last anyone has heard from Cher on this topic. I have watched her go directly head-to-head with some scary ugliness on Twitter. Sometimes I don't know how she can stand it, but she is tireless.

I hope my kids always have this self-satisfied smile on their face when I defend their brave and ballsy actions. I’m proud of Chaz and I’m proud of Cher.

What do you think of Cher’s mama-bear moment?

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