Confirmed: Kim Kardashian Is Totally Carrying a Child! (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianFor years now, everyone has been watching Kim Kardashian's midsection for telltale signs of a baby bump. And since she wed Kris Humphries last month, pregnancy rumors having been flying more fast and furious than ever.

Kim has been very open about her desire to have a baby ASAP and was even spotted buying pregnancy tests on her honeymoon. So though it's not a huge surprise, it is incredibly exciting to confirm that Kim Kardashian is carrying a child (SQUEAL!).


And this is not just some rumor; there's actually a picture to prove it. Go ahead and click on over and see for yourself.

Okay, not exactly what you may have been expecting, but she is carrying a child -- 21-month-old Mason Disick, her sister Kourtney's son. On her Celebuzz blog, she wrote underneath the picture:

Mason was playing by my feet at dinner in Bora Bora and crawled into the back of my bag, so I took him over to show Kourt! How funny!?

I think it's adorable. I'm sure all sorts of crazy safety people will pounce saying it was irresponsible and that's not the way a child should be carried, but they need to relax. She just did it for a photo op, and it's cute. Plus, it shows just how great Kim is going to look with a kid in tow -- she's going to be a fun mom.

The picture was actually taken during the family trip to Bora Bora in which Bruce and Kris Jenner celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary months ago. So there's been plenty of time between now and then, plus a wedding and a honeymoon for a little procreation to take place. Who knows, maybe as Kim and Kris have been frolicking about at Fashion Week this week, she really is carrying a baby -- in the way we're all really hoping for soon.

What are your bets as to when Kim Kardashian will finally announce she's pregnant? Do you think she already is pregnant?

Image via Splash

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