10 Signs 'Bachelor Pad' Contestants Take It Too Seriously

Every season of The Bachelor seems to get more and more dramatic. And certainly when you're sequestered in a mansion full of crazy people, you probably start to go a little crazy yourself. Even still, the people on Bachelor Pad 2 seemed to be a little more insane than the rest of us.

It seems over and over, the people in this game think they're running a Presidential campaign. Here's a clue, peeps: It's NOT THAT BIG A DEAL. Jeesh.

Here are 10 of the most dramatic quotes to prove people are taking it too seriously:

  1. “Harder than child birth”: Come on Ella. We get that you're afraid of heights, but let's be serious. A competition on a game show is NOT harder than childbirth. Perspective, people. 
  2. “Win the biggest competition of our life”: This gem from Michael Stagliano is pretty entertaining. Really, Michael? The biggest competition on your life is Bachelor Pad? That is just sad.
  3. “I am literally peeing down my leg”: I sure hope Graham Bunn misused the word literally here. But if not, whoa dude. Take it down a notch!
  4. “I am here for every single battered woman in this country”: Ella, Ella, Ella. I really like her. But come on. How does her appearance on this show help a single battered woman?
  5. “To come this close and not even have a chance ... would just tear me apart”: Vienna Girardi gets torn apart by the important things. Like a game show. That's deep.
  6. “It’s not OK ... I am really upset because my perfect rose record was just ruined”: Vienna is devastated by ruining her biggest accomplishment in life. Getting a rose on The Bachelor. Yikes.
  7. “He pinkie swore!”: Melissa Schreiber was so upset that Blake screwed her over. Because he PINKIE SWORE! Not that! Anything but that!
  8. “Payback’s a bitch”: Kasey, really? You have to pay back the people who beat you fair and square? Grow up, dude.
  9. “Punch him across the face and say, ‘That’s for America, that’s for my girlfriend!'”: America doesn't want to see you punch Jake. Just FYI.
  10. “The ENTIRE WORLD [will] judge us”: Another gem from Vienna. Guess what? The whole world has more important things (like wars and genocide) that keep them from being too concerned with Bachelor Pad. I know, right? Bummer.

Do you think they are taking it too seriously?

Image via ABC

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