'Bachelor Pad 2' Winners Could Have Been Better

Bachelor Pad 2 has been an incredibly dramatic, hilarious, and bizarre show from the start, but maybe no episode was as bizarre as Monday night's finale in which one couple was crowned winner of the $250,000 and another couple got squat. Too bad the wrong couple won it.

I won't reveal the names of the couple who took the prize until after the jump, but let's get one thing clear: It wasn't Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl, which, really, is all most of us cared about. Could they be any more hideous of a couple?

Between Kasey's constant brown-nosing and thinking he is so much smarter than he is, I am not sorry to not have to spend another Monday night with him. But the winner wasn't right, either.


In the end, it was Holly Durst and Michael Stagliano who took home the prize after winning votes with the former cast members who deemed the two "more deserving." Say what?

Look, I know it's just a game, but these two tried engagement. It didn't work. And they really weren't even together most of this show. It just seems odd to deny Michelle and Graham -- who are close to a real love connection. Instead, the contestants thought Michael and Holly could use it.

This second season has been a roller coaster up and down and all around. It has been crazy and funny and highly entertaining, but even still, this was a shock. I didn't see this coming. And while it's fine and certainly better than it could've been, the downbeat "Blake and I are engaged" reveal at the end just seemed cruel.

Did Michael really love Holly or was it all for show? For his sake, I will hope it was the latter. Certainly that would be easier to take given he ended up losing her in a very public way. Yes, she broke up with him and then they got back together and then he dumped her. Clearly they had plenty of problems. Still, it just seems cruel. 

Is that really how Holly wanted to go out? She is $125,000 richer (much less after taxes), but in spirit, she is actually much poorer. Good for them. I am happy it wasn't Kasey and Vienna. But I would have preferred to see Michelle and Graham take it all. In the end, I think they're better people.

Do you think the right people won?


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