'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Taylor's Breakdown Begins

Taylor ArmstrongI'm really not sure what Bravo spent all those extra weeks editing out of this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after Russell Armstrong's suicide. It certainly wasn't any uncomfortable scenes in which Taylor Armstrong talks intimately about the problems in her marriage, because we seem to be seeing them all.

In the final and most notable scene tonight, Taylor and Kyle Richards were in a hot tub having a heart-to-heart. Taylor, looking more fragile than ever, talked about her fears of being alone, how she still loved him (Russell -- though she never mentions him by name), and how scared she was. She threw out vague statements like, "I've been holding my voice for so long" and "I don't know how I'll ever let go of the resentment," but never would come out and say why. Kyle told her she didn't understand, but that it wasn't her fault. It was strange watching it, because it almost felt like they were talking after his death.


Kyle called her a "broken person," which seems to be the word everyone wants to pin on Taylor, including Taylor herself, according to previews for next week. We also see Adrienne Maloof telling Taylor that she's having a breakdown, so it seems we're going to see it all play out.

Bravo did, it seemed, make a concerted effort to put in a bunch of silliness as well in this episode. As the women all headed to Camille Grammer's Beaver Creek mansion for some skiing before she had to sell it, there were plenty of light (and slightly weird) moments, including the women trying to set Kim and Camille up with any walking male and Kim Richards punching some guy in the ass on the plane over and over.

Kim was in rare form on the trip, raising at least a few flags as to just what she was on. She was hyper and talking non-stop, and acting weird overall. They never showed her glasses during dinner, so I'm not sure if she had any alcohol or not. Last week they made a point of showing her turning down a drink, and previews show suspicions of her being drunk coming our way soon. I'd bet she's on something, I just don't know what.

Besides a brief confrontation in the limo between Kyle, Taylor, and Lisa Vanderpump about last week's drama with Ken saying therapy is for weak people, the ladies kept it pretty civil. Oh Lisa visibly shuddered every time Taylor breathed her air, and Kyle and Kim bickered over the virtues of sequins versus rhinestones, but for the most part, they all behaved pretty well in Colorado ... so far. 

What did you think of the scene with Taylor and Kyle in the hot tub? Do you think Kim Richards is under the influence of something?

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