Shocking 'Bachelor Pad' Engagement Explains a Lot

After bashing Bachelor Pad's Holly Durst and Blake Julian last week, I may need to do a mea culpa. Because it turns out the two weren't merely devious little meanies, but two people who were genuinely falling in love.

Yes, it seems Durst has done it again. She is engaged to Julian. So maybe they really had a connection. But how many Bachelor dudes is she going to go through? What are the odds she actually makes it to the altar with this one?

Still, I have to say I am sorry. Because maybe she really was torn and maybe they really were in love. It's possible, of course.


Blake seemed especially smitten with Holly throughout the process. Of course, the cynical side of me sees dollar signs and expensive wedding bells ringing in Holly's head. She knows we will all want to see it.

And so there it is.

Word on the street holds that all of this will unfold on Monday's episode of Bachelor Pad. I, for one, cannot wait for the drama! During that episode, blogger Reality Steve says Michael is going to get the news. And he will cry, natch.

Is it bad that I am really looking forward to seeing all this on television? Actually, don't answer that. If all is fair in love and war, then Michael can whine all he wants, but Blake and Holly still deserve their happy ending.

Do you think they are really going to make it down the aisle?


Image via ABC

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