'Glee' Club Loses One of Our Favorite Stars -- Noooooo!

glee castWho's leaving the Glee Club?The countdown continues: 11 days until the Glee madness begins again with the Season 3 premiere on FOX. And as much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, it looks like one of our favorite high schoolers is actually doing the unthinkable. No, no one is going to start dating Sue Sylvester -- thank god. But someone WILL be quitting the Glee Club. I know, I can't believe it either. When I say I'm seriously bummed, that's an understatement.

If you don't want to know who's leaving the club, stop here. SPOILERS AHEAD, PEOPLE!


Everyone's favorite super-confident, plus-sized diva Lauren Zizes, played by Ashley Fink, will be quitting the New Directions, not the show, mind you, just the Glee Club. But even worse, she'll be breaking up with her hottie-with-a-body boyfriend, Puck. Say it ain't so, Ryan Murphy! SAY IT AIN'T SO!

Ashley Fink Glee
Ashley Fink
I've always loved Fink's character because of how confident she is, never allowing her size to get in the way. She is an awesome role model and sends a fantastic message to overweight kids (and adults, too) everywhere, that your size does not determine who you are. When I was growing up, I wasn't the skinniest girl in the hallways. I really believe that having someone to look up to with killer confidence, like Fink, would have been pretty encouraging. Not to mention, seeing her snag a guy like Puck would have been a nice little reminder that not every guy is after a real-life Barbie.

Nevertheless, why anyone would want to quit Glee Club is beyond me. It's probably the most fun after-school activity there is at McKinley! Not to mention -- Ashley is so effin' funny that anyone who thinks getting rid of her is a good idea is seriously mistaken. But the harsh reality of it is that with 16 regular cast members as well as four Glee Project winners AND two newbies, there's a whole lot of people to follow around come Season 3. Who knows, maybe she'll be back later on. That is the Glee way, after all, to surprise us all when we're least expecting it.

What do you think about Ashley Fink taking a back seat on Glee?


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