'Glee' Stars Lend Their Voices to Troubled Teens (VIDEO)

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Kevin McHale is my personal favorite Glee funnyman. As Artie, he always has such an optimistic attitude about life even though he's confined to a wheelchair. I can't even imagine being without the use of my legs, let alone while in high school -- a breeding ground for insecurity and bullies. In his new PSA for The Trevor Project, McHale uses his humorous charm for good in honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, September 4 - 10.

Something about Kevin's demeanor is just so sincere ... and adorable. In the public service announcement, he asks troubled youth to actually talk to someone about how they're feeling. I'd talk to you anytime, Kev! Let's take a look at McHale's PSA, shall we?


Kevin and the people at The Trevor Project really do have a point. Talking to someone, no matter what the scenario, always makes things feel a bit better, for one, because it takes some of the power out of our biggest fears and worries. And if you ask me, there's no one better to be delivering a message like this than Kevin during this special week.

As a show, Glee has made an ongoing practice of rising up and supporting outcasts of all kinds in its storylines. From gays and lesbians to pregnant teens and dweebs, Ryan Murphy and his team really know how to tackle the tough topics. As fans of Glee, we've watched Kevin's character specifically struggle with being bullied because he's disabled. Viewers everywhere can relate their real-life experiences to Artie's, and because of this, I'd say Kevin's real-life message has a stronger significance.

McHale isn't the first Gleek to use his fame for a good cause. Take a look-see at Cory Monteith's PSA from earlier this summer for Straight But Not Narrow, here:

If you or someone important to you is thinking about suicide, check out The Trevor Project's website or call their lifeline at 1-866-488-7386.

What do you think of Kevin's PSA?


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