Eddie Murphy's Oscar Host Gig Could Be His Comeback

Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy
Well, this is interesting albeit out of the blue. Eddie Murphy has officially been named host of the 84th Academy Awards. Oh, how I love a delicious Hollywood curveball, especially one that has the potential for so much awesome!

It's been so long since Eddie Murphy was on the fast track of comedy success that I can't even remember what pushed him off the track -- unless it was that long string of really bad "family" movies that sent him straight into animated voiceover land. All I know is Eddie Murphy has made me LMAO on hundreds of occasions from his frickin' hilarious SNL days to his lewd, crude Delirious and Raw days. In these Murphy-quiet years since, there have been small glimmers of funny, even drama (Dreamgirls), and his upcoming comedic thriller Tower Heist looks promising, but I'd love to get back to some good old Murphy magic.

Can a Murphy-led Oscars give us that?


From an insider's perspective, Eddie Murphy is no big surprise pick for the host job. Brett Ratner is the producer of the Oscars this year, as well as the producer of Eddie's new film Tower Heist. See how that worked out? But will it really, you know, work out?

I think this Oscars host gig could turn out to be Murphy's comedy comeback if they play things right. In other words, as long as they let him go off the cuff for the most part -- not Raw off the cuff, obviously, but no loser comedy writers can write shtick for Eddie Murphy that's going to come off well. They need good writers, and they need to let him deliver the goods in his special way. If they make him read a bunch of hokey lines off cue cards and refuse him the room to "bring it," his presence is going to feel sad and hopeless.

This is where the Oscars often fail, in fact, by not letting the geniuses do their genius, and what's really scary is that this gig is big enough to make or break a star. Personally, I can't wait to see what Murphy has to give.

Eddie Murphy's latest film Tower Heist, which also stars Ben Stiller, Casey Affleck, Matthew Broderick, Tea Leoni, Gabourey Sidibe (of Precious fame), and Alan Alda, hits theaters November 4. The Academy Awards air on February 26.

Do you think Eddie Murphy is a good pick for the next Oscar Awards?


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