'Bachelor Pad' Ella Nolan Does Not 'Deserve' Money

Bachelor Pad 2 is full of sob stories and reasons why people "deserve" to win the $250,000 prize money. And sure there are people who I would rather see win the money than some others. But for anyone (like Ella Nolan) who thinks they "deserve" the money, maybe they should think again.

Bachelor Pad is a game. And while certainly 31-year-old Ella's story of watching her mother murdered in front of her as a child and then becoming a single mother to her son, now 9, is profoundly sad, it doesn't make her more deserving of the money. But don't tell that to Ella.

For once, I kind of agree with Vienna Girardi who said it best: "We all have stories." Indeed. Some people choose to share theirs to gain sympathy while others hold their cards close, but few actually escape life unscathed by pain and hardship.


The truth is, I like Ella and she is by far my favorite to win, but if she wins, will Kirk (her partner) feel comfortable splitting the pot with her after her sad story? The answer: probably not. And maybe that is her strategy. But if it is, it's a selfish one.

As my husband pointed out many times over Monday night's viewing, $250,000 split between two people is only $125,000 minus taxes. The end result might be $70,000 at best, which isn't even a decadent salary for one year. "She would have been better served working extra hours or trying to get a raise at work," my hubby said. And he is right.

I would like to see her win the money, sure. But the money isn't a life-changing amount and it should go to the person who plays the game the best, not the one who cries the most.

If I sound harsh, it's only because I do sort of judge this way of trying to get money. To put yourself through a gauntlet, be away from your son, kiss a number of weird men, and be in the midst of that drama for so long all for $70K seems silly, to put it mildly.

I would like to see her or Michelle Money win because I am no fan of Vienna and both have children, but there is no one I like better or who I think "deserves" it more than another.

Do you think Ella "deserves" the money?


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