'Bachelor Pad 2' Recap: 12 Signs Holly Is a Bee-Yotch

Holly, Bachelor PadBachelor Pad 2 is starting to heat up a bit in time for next week's finale. The people have finally coupled off and things are starting to get a bit crazy. But the biggest drama on the show Monday night belonged to Holly, Erika, Blake, and Michael.

The love triangle (rectangle?) between these four was getting downright ugly. Watching Erica Rose try to seduce Blake was embarrassing for her, to be sure. But even more awful was watching Holly play the adorable little sweetheart while also being so underhanded and manipulative with her two men.

She knows she has both men in the palm of her hand and she is loving every second of it. Don't buy her "I'm so sweet" act for a second. Here are 12 signs she is a much worse person than she appears:

  1. She is playing Michael: Why on Earth is she partnering with him while pining for Blake?
  2. The bikini move: Trying to get Blake to look at her in a bikini before his date with Erica was low, even by Holly's standards.
  3. Immediately telling Michael about the kiss: No one does this but a woman who WANTS to make a man jealous.
  4. The kiss, period: She could have skipped it, especially on TV. Out of respect.
  5. Whining about the dates: Wah, wah, wah, I picked Mike as my partner so I didn't get a date with Blake. Cry me a river! It's only one man per woman, lady.
  6. Saying she wants to sleep with Blake: She could have said Michael in the Nearly-wed game, especially when he said himself. Instead she said Blake and broke Mike's heart.
  7. Whining about people hating Blake: People hate Blake because he is a SNAKE and you're slithering around in the dirt, too.
  8. She lets Michael profess his love: "You could have come out here at any time in the last three months," she tells him. Reminder: YOU dumped him, woman!
  9. Obsession over Blake: "I am so glad he did not spend the night with Erica," Holly said after Blake returned home. Really? Doesn't that seem just a TAD presumptuous when she spent the evening with her ex-fiance? High expectations, much?
  10. The (second) kiss: Michael claims Holly told him she loved him while she was at the house. And then she kissed Blake blatantly in front of Michael. As Graham said: "Blake violated man code." Amen.
  11. Using Michael to save Blake: "I don't want to wake up and not have Blake here." Then she voted for Blake anyway. 'Nuff said.
  12. The note: She is awful.

Do you think Holly is a bee-yotch?


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