'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kris Humphries Has Parenting Figured Out

Kris HumphriesA lot happened on tonight's penultimate episode of this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but perhaps nothing as surprising as when Kris Humphries expressed his strong opinions about child rearing. When he and Kim Kardashian were critiquing Kourtney for her parenting methods, including still co-sleeping with Mason who is 1 1/2 years old, Kris let it be known that he's a fan of the Ferber Method. He also told Kourtney that if she didn't start setting some boundaries, she would be a "slave" for her whole life.

Yes, he has a problem with boundaries, but how does he even knows what the Ferber Method is? I suppose since Kim is so baby gaga, it's good he's thought about these things, though the idea of having his own children seemingly freaked him out. "All this baby talk is making me sick," he said. "It’s like stressing me out." Seeing as how Kim is all about having a baby as soon as possible, we can only hope the idea is less nauseating to him since they got hitched.


Speaking of nauseating, Scott Disick continued his drinking spree, throwing back beers and cocktails whenever he was given the chance. And talk about defensive. "You make me feel like I'm some psychotic animal," he told Kourtney. I'd say that about nails it ...

He fights back so hard the minute Kourtney questions him about anything, and he showed his true colors when he stormed off from dinner in a boat, leaving the rest of the family stranded. The guy is selfish and continuing to spiral out of control. I can't say strongly enough how much I hope Kourtney finds her spine at some point and moves on without him. He's no good, and he's not going to be.

Rob Kardashian on the other hand is sort of endearing, even if he is a big loser. It was pretty sweet he tried to save Kylie and Kendall from getting busted for stealing his beer and took the heat for them. They were just playing a joke anyway and didn't really intend to drink the beer (or so they said), but at least Rob got his moment to shine. And boy did he need to do something to shine, especially after that crazy freak out he had over Kim not want to stay in the big room. Maybe Dancing With the Stars will help, but the dude has to figure out what to do with his life, because his term of endearment is quickly running out.

As for Kris Humphries -- Ferber Method views aside -- I have to say he's grown on me over the past couple of episodes. He really does seem to bring out the best/less uptight side of Kim, and he made a genuine, albeit misguided at times, attempt to bond with her family. Though his strong opinions and aforementioned problem with boundaries threw them at times, the Jenners and Kardashians all seemed to genuinely like him by the end of the vacation in Bora Bora.

The episode ended with him asking Bruce for his permission to marry Kim, which was sweet. Tomorrow night is the finale, and we get to see him do the actual proposing. We know what she says, of course, but it will still be interesting to watch.

Were you surprised that Kris Humphries knows what the Ferber Method is? Do you think Kourtney should stay with Scott Disick?

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