'Bachelor Pad' Jake Pavelka Is a Big Faker

If anyone was (like me) wondering why Jake Pavelka would have agreed to come back on Bachelor Pad again after his horrible breakup with Vienna, you no longer have to. It turns out, according to David Good, the winner of Bachelor Pad season one, ABC had possibly contracted Pavelka (i.e., PAID HIM) for four episodes of the show.

Obviously Pavelka brought the main drama to this season (and the ratings), but there is some evidence to support this claim. First, why did ABC suddenly change the rules and only vote off two women and no men in episode two? Also, the weird ending of episode three kind of confirms the suspicion.

Good told Wet Paint:


Rumor has it that ABC promised Jake four episodes and he was actually being paid to be on the show, which would make total sense because if you remember correctly, they did change the vote one time to two girls when everybody knew Jake was going home so Jake could stay. Then ... they ended the show and must have been stuck because they (ABC) knew they had a contract with him and had him come on the next show to get sent home right at the beginning of the show. Total of four episodes.

It makes a lot of sense, but it also makes me want to stop watching the show. I am not so naive that I think all reality shows are real, but come on?! That is too fake even for me. Sure, he added drama, but the show would have been fine without him.

It also, if true, only confirms what I think about Pavelka, which is that he is a smarmy little fame whore who is only interested in furthering his "brand." Personally, I am amazed he even made it this far given there is nothing compelling or interesting about him from my perspective.

I know there is creative editing, but this is taking it a bit too far. Why should he get money and the rest don't? I would now bet that everything he did was fake and chosen by ABC to stir the pot. And for any loyal viewer, it just feels insulting.

Does this annoy you?

Image via ABC

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