Hip Swiveling Military Guys Shake It Better Than Dianna Agron (VIDEO)

glee army say a little prayerWe've seen our fair share of fantastic Glee covers in our time. From the mini-Warbler to Keenan Cahill, it seems like everyone is totally Gleeking out. And how could they not? It's all so darn catchy! My favorite remake by far is the rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'" from the 7 Commando Battery stationed in Afghanistan. Well, that is, until now.

The latest Glee cover of a cover also features some military men. However, they've got the dance moves down to a science! Check out this trio of service members getting down to the musical stylings of Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, and Heather Morris in their rendition of Season One's "Say a Little Prayer." I'm gonna be honest: I think the Quinn of the group has a better hip swivel than I do!


First, watch the military men doing their thing:

Now, for a good comparison, watch the Glee version:

It's been so long since Season One, I almost didn't realize they were mimicking the exact choreography! If you ask me, the guys are even better than the original Glee trio! I think it's the camouflage that really does it for me. And the boots.

So perfect, in fact, that I'm assuming they probably had a little bit of extra time on their hands to practice! And you know what? Good thing they did. Not JUST because we get to chuckle over the fruits of their labor. More so because I'm sure their families back at home are much, much more comfortable knowing that their guys are learning some Glee dance moves instead of heading out on another mission. I know my boyfriend, who recently returned from his second deployment in Afghanistan, would have much rather shaken a tail feather than carry around 50 pounds of equipment in intense heat. And man, I'd love to watch that!

Do you love this Glee cover as much as I do?


Image via YouTube

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