'Glee' Season 3 Promos Are the (Glitter) Bomb! (VIDEOS)

Glee season 3 dodgeballWhat do you get when you take dodgeball, glitter bombs, slushie humiliation, and a FOOD FIGHT and set them all to the peppy Go-Go's song "We Got the Beat"? Weee! It's almost time for Season Threee! Of Gleee! And we've got the two newest majorly anticipation-revving video promos for the new season at McKinley High after the jump.

In the well-put words of Sue Sylvester, "Feel free to wet yourselves with excitement!" 'cause here we go!


First, here's a little fun promo buildup for the upcoming season!

Really digging those slow-mos on the dodgeballs as they hit. Haha! So funny. I also love when Mike saves Tina from the dodgeball with quite a dynamic jump save. And here's the second one with actual footage from the new season.

Hey wait, did Mr. Schuester and Emma just KISS? Or was that just a boring old friend kiss? And please tell me Quinn's Madonna-wanna pink hair look means a special "Lucky Star" cover a la the Material Girl. I would die. I love Brittany. I miss Sam. I wish they'd have fired Jacob Ben Israel instead. He's so annoying.

Did you notice any plot giveaways in the promos that we missed?


Image via Fox

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