'Bachelor Pad' Has Become Too Mean to Watch

It shouldn't come as any surprise coming off the meanest season of The Bachelorette yet that Bachelor Pad 2 would be a very mean-spirited show. But even so, the level to which this season takes the meanness is kind of unprecedented.

There have been kissing contests where boyfriends and girlfriends and ex-fiances are forced to watch one another kiss others. There have been competitions where "ugly" girls and boys are pelted with paint. And there are love triangles exploited for the camera at every turn.

Obviously, those who go on Bachelor Pad ask for it to a certain extent. I mean, how bad can we really feel for them? But that kind of large scale public humiliation is a much larger price to pay and isn't worth either a few months of love or $250,000. It may make for great television, but every time I turn it off, I feel a little dumber and a little less human.


I can't stop watching, though, which I guess makes me complicit in it all. Still, I have been watching The Bachelor since season 1 with Alex Michel back in 2002 and it has become meaner and meaner and meaner in those nine years.

Perhaps the show took a ratings dive somewhere in the middle, and sadly, it seems the meaner they are, the more people watch. Still, I absolutely cringed when Chris Harrison handed the men a paintball and asked them, "Who are you least attracted to in the house?" The ladies stood blindfolded with their backs toward the thrower. Every guy (except one) pelted Erica Rose.

She may be annoying, but she didn't need to be covered in paint and called ugliest in the house on national TV. It was unnecessarily cruel and wrong.

And that's not all. They purposely choose people who are in love with each other and put them in situations where they hurt one another. Sure, it makes for good TV, but what does it say about us that we want to watch it? Do we like that these people are so much more pathetic than us that they have to resort to this for what will amount to one year of salary once the IRS takes its portion of the money?

Personally, I would rather work every day and only be humiliated at home. Still, I can't stop watching. I am sure in ancient times, I would have been one of the ones watching gladiators get torn apart, too. But it still makes me feel bad.

Do you think the show has become too mean?

Image via ABC

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