Taylor Lautner & Kris Humphries: Separated at Birth?

Taylor Lautner & Kris Humphries
Long lost twins?

Did you see Taylor Lautner at the MTV Video Music Awards? Then you probably also did NOT see him making out with Robert Pattinson or doing any other crazy stunt last night. Besides looking mighty hot in black with that adorable face scruff, Lautner played it pretty straight and narrow in presenting the award for best new artist with Selena Gomez, and otherwise ran under the radar.

But leave it to an entertainment reporter to try to stir things up. Without any other gorgeous dating Twilight stars present to drag into the fray, the reporter turned to the next best topic of conversation lately -- the Kardashians. Like we haven't had enough of them already!


She actually compared Lautner to looking like Kris Humphries, NBA star and latest husband of Kim Kardashian. Taylor was as thrown by the comparison as a lot of fans were. I mean, they both have "high hair" and strong jawlines, but the similarities stop there. Taylor's reaction:

"I can see it a little bit ... is that a good thing?” When the reporter confirmed that she thought Humphries was very handsome, then Lautner agreed saying, "He is. I will take the compliment. Thank you very much."

Aw, what a polite guy. I don't believe he really sees it, though. Nobody thinks they really look like the person they are being compared to -- even identical twins often see drastic differences in their appearances.

But also I wonder if, upon the reporter saying that, the image of suddenly being married to Kim Kardashian popped into his head and he got really scared. But that's the image that popped into my head. And I got scared. And I got scared for Lautner. And then I thought, Hmm, you know, Lautner isn't as tall and might not make Kim look so dwarfish. And then I thought ... wow, it's really time to move on.

Do you think Taylor Lautner looks like Kris Humphries at all?


Images via fanfreluche_designs/Flickr (Lautner); E! (Humphries)

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