Adele Blows Away VMAs by Simply Standing Up and Singing (VIDEO)


The MTV Video Music Awards have once again come and gone and reminded us all that they are hands down one of entertainment's biggest nights of the year. The crazy outfits and the even crazier announcements (Beyonce, ANYONE?!), the night is literally epic. And while I loved me some jaw-dropping notes from Lady Gaga's male alter-ego and the theatrical shenanigans of all of the other performers, without a doubt, the best performance of the night goes to Adele, singing "Someone Like You."

No crazy acrobatics. No lip syncing. Just pure, raw talent. Watch her beautiful singing performance after the jump:


Adele's singing gives me chills. That was amazing! You know what I love most about her? Whenever I see her perform live, she sounds exactly like she does on every single track from her sophomore album, 21. The emotion in her voice is just so pure and so soulful.

If she had decided to add anything to her VMA act, it just wouldn't of been right. Compare Adele's performance to, say, Chris Brown's performance. Could you imagine Adele flying off the stage? Me neither. It's hard not to point out that in the middle of all the insanity, Brown is lip syncing. Adele has the raw talent to carry her along without all of the insanity. No offense to Chris Brown, but I'd rather watch a real singer any day than a contrived performance. Real talent doesn't need all the bells and whistles.

What was your favorite performance from last night's MTV Video Music Awards?


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