Bethenny Frankel’s Talk Show Could Spell Disaster

bethenny frankelI have some good news and I have some bad news. The good news is that Bethenny Goes to LA will be airing this fall! The bad news is that it's our last Bethenny reality TV show. Sad face. There is a silver lining, though. While we won't be seeing her, Jason, and Bryn on Bravo anymore after the LA series, it's not the last we'll be seeing of Bethenny. A TV insider told The Huffington Post that Bethenny is indeed getting her own talk show. Yay?


First of all I have mad love for the Frankel. She was a straight-shooter funny lady on The Real Housewives of New York who told Kelly what everyone was thinking. I feel like I got tips on how to handle nut jobs from watching Bethenny navigate Scary Island. The show hasn't been the same without her -- it's pretty much sucked the big one ever since she left. And don't you love how they still talk about her on the reunion shows? Love it!

OK anyway, so Bethenny's talk show: I don't know what I think about Bethenny as a host. Hear me out. Remember when she freaked out at her 40th birthday party because she didn't like the attention and hid in the bathroom and cried for like an hour?  How is she going to be able to handle a studio audience staring at her, basically waiting for her to perform? I'm worried about it. The studio, however, isn't:

Telepictures couldn’t be happier with the pilot Bethenny shot. They know they have discovered the next great talk show host and it's Bethenny. This is 100 percent on the fast track. Plus, with Ellen behind her this will be huge.

Ellen DeGeneres, that is. So it sounds like this thing is real and happening. I'll definitely watch it, but truth be told, I'd rather Bethenny stay on Bravo forever, putting out a reality show each year. I'd watch it forever -- I think the episode where Bethenny drops Bryn off at college will be particularly moving.

I'll follow Bethenny wherever she may go, but I'm skeptical about this talk show. And it better not be called Skinnygirl Talk Show.

Do you think Bethenny would make a good talk show host?

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