'Glee' Cast Does Sexy Runway Strut for David Bowie Cover (VIDEO)

Glee Fashion Night OutSeptember is so close I can almost taste it. You know what that means, right? Well, for starters -- it's almost time for Glee to come back to FOX on Tuesdays! And it also means it's nearly time for New York City's famed Fashion Night Out on September 8, where celebs, stars, and shoppers mingle for an evening of shopping, deals, and fun throughout New York City. Fashion + Glee sounds like the makings of a great September to me.

The cast of Glee, minus Naya Rivera (Santana) and Amber Riley (Mercedes), recently strutted their stuff on the catwalk, covering David Bowie's "Fashion" for a promotional music video for the big NYC affair. I've gotta hand it to my favorite high schoolers, this video is H-O-T HOT. If this is a preview of what's to come for Season 3, I may not be able to contain myself. Let's take a look:


Seriously, how sophisticated and chic do they all look? Hottest guy hands down goes to Darren Criss (Blaine). I mean honestly, how many fellas can pull off a red three-piece suit? As for the girls, I have to go with Dianna Agron (Quinn). It just amazes me that no matter her hairstyle, she looks absolutely divine. A serious honorable mention to Heather Morris (Brittany), though, for flawlessly rocking those stilettos. Describing the shoes as fierce doesn't even do the black lace-up booties justice. And Kevin McHale's (Artie) funny runway face? I die. 

There's no doubting that these aren't the same high school students we met for the first time in 2009. This "Fashion" cover shows a cast of growing talent who knows how to work the camera. And if you ask me, this sort of sex appeal could be exactly what Season 3 needs. It's time to cross some boundaries and spice up some storylines! I do have to be honest, though. I'm not exactly sure how much of Darren Criss's model face I can take before I melt into complete jelly. Swoon!

What do you think of the Glee cover of "Fashion"?


Image via YouTube

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