'Bachelor Pad' Melissa Schreiber Is Every Man's Nightmare

At 32, Melissa Schreiber on the Bachelor Pad really ought to know better than to act like she did Monday night. You know you ought to have your head on straight when fellow cast-mates call you "the cougar." It at least means act your age, woman!

Of course, she didn't act her age. Not for a second. Her "relationship" with Blake was for the game and strategy (from his perspective). While Blake is a jerk for trying to pull a Bentley and tell her one thing and the cameras another, Melissa is also a fool for turning up the drama.

But it isn't just Blake, unfortunately. Melissa also turned on Erica Rose, who may be an annoying "princess," but she also manages to keep a level head, which, in Bachelor world, makes you "sane." Not so with Melissa.


Melissa, Melissa, Melissa. If you're old enough to be a "cougar" -- and let's ignore the sad fact that being 32 in Bach-world makes one a COUGAR (sniff) -- you're old enough to know the sad, hard truth: Men aren't fond of emotional basket cases.

Now, once you've reeled a dude in, by all means, crazy up the place, scream, pounce, tear up all his magazines, and call it a bonfire. But until you're relatively confident that he is into you, cool as a cucumber is the way to go.

Because the theatrics, the crying, the stomping about, rumor spreading, and whining? All of it earns you the dreaded "emotionally unstable" label, which, on a show in which you're supposed to couple off, means you're a ship taking on water and no amount of shedding it out your eyes will stop the sinking (try though you might).

I feel I can talk to Melissa as we're both in our 30s. Here is the thing: Age is your one advantage on this show. You've had 10 more years (in some cases) to perfect your man-getting technique. You have a leg up, but you are acting like a sad teenager girl. Is it really any wonder all the men think you are nuts?

It's sad enough to be on the show at your age. At least pull a Gwen Gioia and be mature and removed from it all. Yes, she seemed too old to be there, but at least she had her dignity.

Poor Melissa. Insecurity on a woman is so unbecoming. Especially at her age.

Do you think Melissa needs to get it together?


Image via ABC

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