'Bachelor Pad 2' Recap: Chris Harrison Answers for Weird Ending

The third episode of Bachelor Pad 2 was obviously all about humiliating the men with synchronized swimming and bad singing. Perhaps it was in retaliation for the humiliation of the women last week (hello, hurling eggs at ugly girls? WHO thought of that?), but it was the ending of the show that left all us die-hard fans scratching our heads.

It seems that the final rose was going to either Jake Pavelka or Kasey Kahl, and since Chris Harrison said the name he called was the one who was staying, one would assume Jake is going home. But they cut to commercial so fast, it was impossible to tell.

Did Jake throw a punch? Start screaming obscenities? Did someone die? Why would they cut the show like that? According to Chris Harrison via Twitter:


"Tonights #BachelorPad ending a little different. It'll all make sense next week!"

Hmmm ... what does he mean by that? Predictably, the Twitter-verse was up in arms about the ending and it certainly was highly unusual. It seems many people thought their DVRs were set wrong or it was a mistake.

But no. It was something else, indeed. So what? Reality Show Steve, the source for ultimate spoilers, says Jake Pavelka was voted off and that seems to be the way it was going. So why keep us (somewhat) in suspense?

We all know why. It was: THE MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY EVER. No really. It was. And if they don't have real drama, they will edit it in. Genius, right? So maybe next week Jake will follow through on his promise to "take people out with me," but I doubt it. He will likely go out dancing a little jig, say some cheesy thing (like "gee willickers, that was good down home fun!"), and then off with little Jake.

It's kind of a shame, too. I would have actually preferred to see Kasey go. I never thought anyone could make me like Jake, but Kasey and his Kermit voice, annoying tattoo, and penchant for dramatic statements and horrible musical choices (why did he sing that song?) make me long for a little Pavelka cheesiness.

Did the ending confuse you?


Image via ABC

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