Kooky Kid Steals Spotlight From Kardashian Wedding (VIDEO)

boy makes fun of KardashiansWhy, I'm not sure, but apparently not everyone in the country was enraptured by the whole wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries this weekend. I know, shocking, right? Some actually balk at the idea that it was our nation's own version of a royal wedding and (gasp!) just can't stomach anything Kardashian

Fine, party poopers that they are, they're sure to be big fans of one kid who clearly could care less about the Kardashians as well. While CNN reporter Kareen Wynter was relaying important facts about the big wedding on Saturday, this kid was hamming it up in the background, and expressing what plenty think about the hype around the whole affair.


He's making me nervous so close to all of those cars whizzing by, but other than that, he's pretty hysterical. Wynter seems to have no idea what's going on behind her, and I can't help but wonder if the cameraman was having a little giggle or if he knew the kid was there stealing Kim's spotlight.

I'm admittedly a fan of the Kardashian shows and certainly got caught up in some of the wedding hype, but I also sit back with a certain amount of awe and horror watching just how much America cares about this family. I consider observing and evaluating the whole phenomenon a good use of the sociology degree I got as an undergraduate.

In any case, this kooky kid provided a nice laugh to viewers who may have been taking things a little more seriously than perhaps (just perhaps) the occasion warranted. And if the Kardashians got so incredibly famous for ... whatever it is they're famous for, who knows where this kid could go.

Do you love the kid in this video? Does he sum up your thoughts about the wedding?

Image via YouTube

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