Kim Kardashian Faces Last-Minute Wedding Snafus

Kim Kardashian and Kris HumphriesThe countdown is on to the biggest, most-anticipated wedding of the year (royals aside) between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries taking place this coming Saturday. While most brides-to-be are a mess of stress and anxiety at this point, Kim says she's rather zen about the whole thing and she's not freaking out at all.

"Everyone says you'll freak out, but I'm totally calm. I think that freak-out moment kind of already passed," she told People. Good for her, and I hope she's able to stay that way. But several snafus and potential problems have popped up in these final hours that may shake that calm veneer.


For example, there's the little matter of the couple having to UNIVITE at least 50 guests just days before the ceremony. Can you even imagine how disappointing it would be to be planning to attend this wedding, finding the right dress, making the proper arrangements, and then to be told, psyche, guess you can't come after all?

Apparently, the sprawling estate of Google's Eric Schmidt, where the wedding will be held, isn't big enough for everyone, so the axe had to come down. Ouch! Can't say I wouldn't be a little stressed about delivering that kind of news. At least it sounds like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's seats are safe. Phew, never mind those relatives who lost theirs.

One of them may be able to take the seat of Kim's pal Mel B, who says she's so pregnant she fears she may go into labor at the wedding. That would certainly spice up a wedding (pun intended).

Then there's the issue of how her little ring bearer, Mason Disick, will behave. Kourtney doesn't sound totally confident about him doing the job. She told Us Weekly, "He is 20 months old ... We'll see if he behaves!" Ring bearers misbehaving are actually quite cute; I'm more concerned about his unpredictable and obnoxious father Scott Disick ruining things than Mason. 

Even when the wedding is over, it's not really going to be over, because the couple is planning a second wedding celebration in New York 11 days after they say I do. Once that's over, the world will be waiting to watch the four-hour special when we finally get to see the blessed event televised on October 9-10. While she doesn't have to do much at that point, I'm sure knowing the world is watching and critiquing, even after the fact, doesn't come without a certain amount of anxiety.

So good for her for remaining calm with all of this going on. I have a hard time believing she's really as cool and collected as she says she is, but if so, I hope she can maintain that demeanor when everything starts. Because really, all of it means little other than the commitment you make to one another that day, even if you are a Kardashian having a $20 million wedding.

Do you think Kim Kardashian is as calm as she says she is?

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